Will your health affect your pension income?

Medically enhanced annuities  can offer the highest income to an annuitant because they are based on past or present medical conditions.

A diagnosis of a serious medical condition can indicate to the annuity company that the applicant's life expectancy could be dramatically reduced and will therefore qualify them for a significant increase in annuity income.

1,500 Qualifying Conditions

Over 1500 medical conditions on their own or in combination qualify for an enhanced income.

Serious Conditions Offer Higher Rates

The most serious medical conditions will offer the highest rates.

Date of Diagnosis Matters

The date of diagnosis and prescribed treatment will affect the enhancement, however some serious medical conditions will have a lower enhancement as time passes from initial diagnosis, particularly with some forms of cancer.

Range of Choices

Just like a traditional annuity there are a range of options for the impaired annuity. Also see Annuity Options.

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Did you know?

Basic death benefits can be very cost effective and reduce the income in a very small way.

Enhanced annuity rates can be achieved if your spouse has medical problems and you choose spouse protection.

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